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About Us

We believe in sport as one of the most powerful agents of positive change in societies.
And so we created this platform to unite and empower grassroots and non-mainstream sports  initiatives in Israel by providing education, mentorship and tools to the makers of sport.


Our Mission


Together we will make Israel a sports nation.


Our Vision

We will give a voice to the inspiring, yet untold stories of the Israeli sports community, changing the existing narrative of the athletics scene in Israel. We will bring together sports enthusiasts and experts from all over the country to make a shift towards a better future.

Our Values


Sport is for everyone:  we celebrate our diversity,  and keep our community and activities free from any political and religious agenda.


Sport is to be used to bring people together. We choose to focus on what unites us as humans, and do not tolerate any discriminatory behaviour.


Sport teaches hard work, discipline, perseverance, effective communication and respect for rules, oneself, the team and opponents.


Every child will be able to find a sport that suits them and provides them with a room to grow into a healthier, happier, and more successful individuals.


Support us

OddBalls is a multifaceted platform that aims to create a fully functional infrastructure for sports. It’s a time and cost consuming endeavor that requires a lot of resources.

More importantly is that it only matters if there is a community of people passionate about it. Join us, help us build legacy.

Our Members

Below are the projects and initiatives that our members created and successfully run.


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