Visual content performs best in social media. Instagram is the most visually oriented platform, with Fitness/Health niche being in the top 5 most profitable ones.

Now you see why your sport club needs to have a killer Instagram account at the core of your brand.

The one most important thing about Instagram is that it’s unforgiving to bad content. And it has few rules about posting that you need to know in order to make the platform’s algorithm work for you.


Basic PRO tips to taking quality pictures

1. Get a good camera. Digital camera (mirrorless or DSLR) are always a good option and allow better quality than many smartphones. However the advantage of the smartphone is that it allows you to post right away.
Invest into a smartphone with a better camera, especially if you will have to shoot without natural light (after sun down). The best will be iPhoneX, and latest top line Samsung or Xiaomi.
It can be a great investments because you can also use it for Facebook live streaming.
If you are short on funds borrow one from someone on the team. There got to be at least one person with a good camera on their phone

2. Don’t shoot AGAINST the light source. Sun or stadium lights should be behind photographer’s back.

3. Try to make more pictures and pictures before it’s too dark, artificial stadium lights are not known for making people look prettier.

4.Think about the composition of the photo:

a) Instagram’s pictures are square, so when you take a picture make sure that’s all most important things are within this square.

b) Learn and always us the Rule of thirds: this rule involves mentally dividing up your image using 2 horizontal lines and 2 vertical lines, as shown below. You then position the important elements in your scene along those lines, or at the points where they intersect.

5. Make sure the background is pretty. You might pick the “working” side of your training grounds.

6. If you are shooting a video try to move your recording camera slowly and smoothly, without any abrupt movements.


What should be your videos or pictures about

1. Warmup, some drills (footwork, ball handling exercises, game elements)

2. Pictures that show the spirit and vibe of the team – players showing off their skills with the ball, goofing around, doing the team’s chant, some fun after practice and off the field activitie

3. Check the latest most trending challenges and try to reproduce it. From “Call me maybe” to video mannequin to Drake’s “In my feeling” – there will always be some viral challenge going around. Use it to increase your following. Everyone wants to follow accounts that are hot.

How to preserve the quality of images.

If you have to send it to another phone, use Telegram messenger, as Whatsapp and Facebook Messengers compress the images.


How to create a good post

1. Frame your photo per the rule of thirds – Instagram has the built in grid that will help you.

2. Right a short catchy post

3. Don’t forget hashtags.
Few things to keep in mind.
a) You want to use the ones that are used by your sport and community a lot,
b) As well as come up with a unique hashtag for your club, that people can use to find your content by,
c) Mention location,
d) Address other important for your target audience aspects.
For example: for Rugby Social Club we do hastags specific to the sport: #tagrugby #rugbyfamily #touchrugby, then the ones specific to our brand #rsc #rugbysocial club, then the ones specific to location: #telaviv #telavivyafo (both in English and Hebrew), then the ones specific to the market (we target people interested in fitness and sport) : #פיטנס, # #ספורט, etc.

You can google what are the top hashtags for your sport, and explore what is important to the audience you hope to attract by browsing their accounts and checking who they follow.

4. But don’t over do it, too. Use up to 30 hashtags, but only 5-7 in the body of the post. Publish the rest as the first comment to the post.

5. Tag people on the photos, and ask your team members to comment and like the posts. The more comments and likes it gets, the easier it is for other people to discover it and your account.

6. Try to have your entire account within the same color theme, using same filter and advanced settings to help bring all images to a similar look.

An extra perk

Share your latest Instagram post to you Facebook page to save you time while covering more grounds with your following.

How to grow your following and to build a strong community

1. Follow teams, brands and individuals that are important to your sport.

2. Comment and on their posts. A lot. This is how you get noticed, and might receive likes, comments and quality interactions and maybe even collaborations.

3. Respond to every comment left under your pictures, engaging people into conversations

4. Do stories. It’s similar to posts, but have some extra perks. And with the fact that it will disappear forever after 24 hours from public eye, you risk very little so play around.