Podcast is no doubt a powerful marketing tool. It is so because it provides a lot of value for a relatively cheap production. From a talk of emerging entrepreneurs recorded in a basement to industries’ top leaders interviewed by some great sports biz professionals – you can get priceless insights into the hottest and most relevant trends for free and on the go.

Listen to one of these podcasts during your daily commute, while in the gym or jogging, and we guarantee you’ll level up your understanding of sports business industry in no time. Informative and entertaining below is the list of the podcasts we draw our daily inspiration and industry insights from:

1. Sports marketing huddle

We started to listen to it right at the time when Brian Cristiano and Rob Cressy started recording it. It was cool to see them grow, figure things out, and engage with the listeners. Sadly, Brian is no longer as involved as before, so the regular awesome dialogue/banter of the two as the format had to change. But Rob has managed to keep SMH entertaining and informative exploring various aspects of sports business industry and entrepreneurship.
What made this podcast stand out for us was the bite sized episodes with focused take outs. While longer interviews with relevant talents are still a great form, some times you need a small but saturated bite of info, insights and ideas to start your day right.

2. Sports Geek – Sports marketing podcast

This one is a brilliant podcast from Australia brought to you by Sean Callanan. He is a digital marketing professional who spreads the gospel of driving revenue for sports via digital. Podcast is just one of Sports Geek Nation’s products that also include a Facebook group and a Slack you can become a part of. Although Sean covers all major sports and leagues, Sports Geek podcast is our personal go-to source for Aussie goodness: AFL and NRL. And we’d love to have more of that, please.

3. Extraordinary happens

This podcast is brought to you by Mark King, who is until June this year was the president of Adidas, North America. He is  currently the Executive Emeritus at Adidas whatever this posh, amazingly worded title on his LinkedIn profile means, but it hopefully will allow him to have more time bringing us the joy of more episodes of his podcast.
Mr. King is a giant of sports industry and it’s the access to the top world’s talent and industry leaders that he utilises in his podcasts’ interviews that makes them the gold.

4. Makers of sport
This one is a podcast that mostly focuses on design side of all things sport. The show features various visionaries from brands, sports organisations and more, and provides great insights from those who create the iconic symbols we all end up worshiping.

5. Sports Business Radio with Brian Berger

This podcast mostly focuses on the USA market. But US being a global leader in many things including sports marketing makes SBR well worth a listen to pick up on some hottest topics, trends and tips.

Tell us about your favourite sports business podcasts and what makes one worthy your time.